Free Bible Request

We believe that the Bible is an amazing book that can and does bless people even today.  If you live on our estate and don't have a Bible then we would love to give you one free of charge.  There's no obligation to do anything afterwards but if you would like to talk about anything you've read or learn ways of reading the Bible we will always be available to chat and help you.  We cover the area including Lindbergh Road, Hilton Road, Campbell Road, Cranwell Crescent, Cody Road, Halton Crescent, Uxbridge Crescent, Bader Close, Gibson Close, Malcolm Road, Hannah Crescent, Cheshire Close, Reid Close and the service roads on Nacton Road backing on to the estate, on the east side of Ipswich.

If you live elsewhere then why not contact your local church (in the UK you could try using A Church Near You to find one) and see whether they could provide you a Bible.

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